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Why is international research a good idea?
International research is a process of inquiry that encourages critical thinking and international understanding for engaged, lifelong learning.... Expand Text

Why do a capstone research project?
Working on a capstone research project, including a senior seminar paper, a course term paper, a senior honors thesis, a proposal for a scholarship or award, an independent study, a directed research project or a study abroad program project, ties together the various pieces of your education in a cohesive way.... Expand Text

How can you get started with an international research project?
The international research process actually begins before you decide on a question to research. So, we encourage you to start planning for research early, even if you're still exploring it as an option.... Expand Text

..Steps in the International Research Process:
Step 1:Planning Coursework
Step 2:Planning Study Abroad
Step 3:Choosing a Research Topic
Step 4:Developing a Research Question
Step 5:Finding and Evaluating Scholarly Literature
Step 6:Choosing Appropriate Methodologies
Step 7:Making Faculty Contacts
Step 8:Ethical Considerations for Research Abroad
Step 9:Writing a Research Prospectus
Step 10:Finding Funding for Research
Step 11:Capstone Research Projects
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