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Applications are reviewed on a regular basis. You will receive an email message as soon as possible with your account information to access the closed portions of the IRN. If your application is not accepted, you will receive an email with an explanation. Because all applications are reviewed by a real human, YOU SHOULD ALLOW A MINIMUM OF 2 WORKING DAYS BETWEEN SUBMITTING THIS REQUEST AND RECEIVING ACCOUNT INFORMATION.

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Be as descriptive as you can in answering the questions below. Your answers will help us provide guidance on how you can make the best use of this community.

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Personal Information
First Name:
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Email Address:
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Academic Information
Class Year:
Major(s) and/or Minor(s):
Faculty Advisor Name:
Senior Thesis Advisor name:
Name another person who you frequently
go to for academic advice and/or consider
a mentor:
Have you studied abroad or do you plan to?
If so, where and on what program?
Have you taken INTR 91? Yes No
Have you taken INTR 92? Yes No

Research Experience

Please share some information with us on your background and experience in international research.
1. Research is a broad enterprise. As you prepare to join this community, please describe what you have come to understand as research.
2. Have you ever conducted a research project on an international topic that led to the completion of a research paper? If no, skip to question 3. Yes No
2a. How long did the project take from start to completion (in hours)?
2b. What was the research question?
2c. What theories were cited?
2d. What research methods were used?
data collection and interpretation
detailed observation and description
2e. What did you learn from the experience?
2f. What do you wish you had done differently?

Research Identity

In this section we will ask you a few questions on how you identify yourself as a researcher.
3. Describe an experience when you identified most closely with the goals and mindset of a researcher. What motivated you to take on this role? What was your greatest challenge in this experience?
4. What research projects are you currently involved in? Please check all boxes that apply.
for a course
for a directed-research project
for a capstone project
for a senior thesis
for a scholarship proposal
5. For what purpose are you conducting international research?
6. Do you plan to do research in the future? If so, what are your research objectives?

Research Preparation

We would like to know what type of preparation you have in research.
7. Have you taken any research methods courses? If so, which ones?
8. Briefly describe the focus of your international research.
9. How many courses have you taken that you feel are directly related to your research focus? If you have taken courses, which ones?
10. Describe any other experiences and background that have prepared you for your research focus.
11. Have you already developed a research question? If so, what is it?
12. Do you have a tentative list of sources for your research focus? Yes No
13. Have you worked on a literature review for your research focus? Yes No
14. Have you contacted faculty, either at Tufts or outside Tufts, to help you with your research? Yes No
15. Have you developed a prospectus that clearly outlines your research question and interests? Yes No

IRN Participation Goals

In this section, we would like to know what you expect from the IRN and what you hope to contribute to the community.
16. How do you anticipate that faculty can help you develop as a researcher?
Help me to develop a research question
Help me interpret the data I collect
Provide critical feedback on project drafts
17. How do you anticipate that the web environment can help you develop as a researcher?
Share problems with peers
Maintain contact with faculty and peers
Store and manage my work
Schedule projects
Obtain access to resources
18. Describe what you hope to contribute as an active member of this community.
Careful analysis of peer projects
Share resources with others
Develop a peer group
Help faculty understand students