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The International Research Network at Tufts is a support tool to help students conduct research on international issues, particularly while abroad. The IRN guides students through the process of conducting international research toward the successful completion of capstone research projects by providing them with an online toolbox of resources and a network to connect with faculty and their peers.

Are you a student? It's never too early to start thinking about international research. A senior thesis or other capstone research project necessitates preparation, organization, and thoughtful planning. If you're planning on studying abroad and thinking about writing a senior thesis, you'll want to make the most out of your junior year, and especially your time abroad. This online network will prepare you to recognize and conceptualize a research opportunity as well as guide you through the process so that you're ready to write an capstone international research project in the senior year.

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I want to conduct research while I study abroad. What should I do?
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Who can help me write a research prospectus?
Does IR offer any courses on conducting research abroad?
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